Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sign Up For The New Ambition Movement Monthly Newsletter!

We, The Ambition Movement, are starting up a new monthly newsletter. It will include the following sections: 

Feature article: the best article of the month; having either an ambitious, political, spiritual or patriotic theme.

What's Going On: info on what is going on in our world and country, good and bad. Keeps you updated; mostly on political matters or feats; lets you know when things head our way or take a toll for the bad.

Activist Section: This gives you the opportunity to help with the issues in the "What's Going On" section; whether emailing senators, signing petitions or anything else to help the country; and change the world a one person at a time.

Devotional of the Month: a selected devotional, for each month, from the book "Morning and Evening" by Charles Spurgeon; specially selected based on what is going on.

Prayer Time: a prayer based on what is going on around the world; and prayer requests from people; specifically members. Lets change the world through prayer!

Bible Time: a Bible verse; new one each month; that God has put on my heart.

Be Equipped: a section with free online resources, books, etc. that will equip you to defend you faith, the Bible, a young earth, -or really anything.

P.S. Section: This might contain a quote, song, story, or really anything.

Please comment below with you email(or message) and you will be put on our monthly mailing list. This a great way to help the world and country, and change spiritually. Please forward this message to any friends you think may be interested!

Brittany Collett

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